Tuesday in Townsville with the Fish Poison Tree

Crossing over the little creek that enters the ocean near Strand Waterpark my heart skipped a beat.  Recently the profusion of lily plants beneath the trees had been culled and the gardens redressed. From a distance I could see the flowers sprinkled against the dark red of fresh bark chips. Expectantly I hurried toward the […]

Tuesday in Townsville Barra and Birds at Peter Faust Dam Proserpine

Last week-end the fathers and sons from our circle of friends got together for a fishing trip.  Being of the wrong gender I was not invited, but Marty did the right thing and took lots of photographs.  The weather was beautiful and all of his photos were fantastic.   Here are some of my favourites. Well […]

Tuesday in Townsville Sunset and Bird

This Tuesday I have two Townsville photographs to share.  They are not cafe reviews, or Things to Do in Townsville, but just moments from my day. I took this first shot through the windscreen on the way home from our daily walk along The Strand. The next one came about as I was sitting at […]

Tuesday in Townsville Central Park in Townsville not NYC

The Ross River winds it’s way from the Ross River Dam in the far suburb of Kelso through a series of weirs that tame it.  In it’s lower reaches the Ross River or Ross Creek as it is correctly known in this Inner City location was looking quite picturesque so I stopped to take some […]

Tuesday in Townsville at the Longboard

Whenever somebody invites me to lunch I always hope they will choose a destination along Townsville’s Strand.  So when two of my sis-in-laws invited me to the Longboard I was excited.  The Longboard shares the Gregory Street headland with one of my favourite spots The C Bar, but I had been wanting to visit the […]

Tuesday in Townsville Rain, Rain, Rain

Rain, Yep that wet stuff that that falls from the sky, the stuff we don’t often see in Townsville, not like on THE PALUMA RANGE..  Nine inches (225mm) in 24 hours of gusty, heavy, slanty, straight, beautiful rain. Our rain gauge which measures six inches overflowed this morning.   How Exciting. My husband shifted daughter’s car […]

Tuesday in Townsville Experience Pineapples and Swimming at Rollingstone Creek

On Australia Day 26th January, 2014 we went on a mini journey.  Our destination was Mt. Spec on the Paluma Range north of Townsville.  You can read about it HERE. On route we arrived at Rollingstone Creek about 55km north on the Bruce Highway, where pineapple farms border the road before the creek. We took […]

Tuesday in Townsville at the Perc Tucker Gallery

Perc Tucker Gallery, Flinders Street Townsville 2013 – Photo Credit Jan Robinson budgettraveltalk.com Union Bank Building Circa 1890 Flinders Street Townsville  Photo Credit Wikipedia The Building. Opened in 1885 as Union Bank North Queensland headquarters.  Originally only one storey, the second was added in the 1930′s.  The Union Bank eventually became the ANZ Bank and […]