Fantastic Friday or Sunset over Gallipoli

Yesterday I did a post on our visit to Gallipoli, that peninsula in north east Turkey that lies close to the heart of Australians.  We were drawn there more out of a sense of obligation than desire, but as is the way, we really enjoyed our visit.  It was quite emotional walking on the beach at Anzac Cove imagining our young soldiers treading those same rocks.

At the end of the day we returned across the Dardanelles to Canakkale to our favourite tea garden and watched the sun set over the Gallipoli Peninsula.  Canakkale is a wonderful little City.  A complete unknown to us before our pilgrimage to Gallipoli, it became one of our favourite Turkish Cities.

Sunset over the Gallipoli Peninsula


I have linked to Friday Postcards over at Keryn’s Walking On Travels.

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