Tuesday in Townsville Cloudy Skies and Rainy Days

Most of the year Townsville skies are boring.

Blue 🙂 Blue 🙂 occasional fluffy white clouds 🙂 Blue 🙂 Blue 🙂

Do you have four seasons?

Townsville has two.

Wet (hot and humid) and Dry (less hot and less humid).

Two weeks ago Cyclone Ita swept down the North Queensland Coast bringing a final flourish of Wet Season rain.

One week ago we were steaming with clouds and zero breeze.

We were teetering on the edge of the Dry.

Then Last night we fell over that edge.

In the early hours of the morning a tiny chill crept in through the blinds, sending us scurrying for a light blanket.  Luckily our Easter Camping Trip meant said blanket had been found, aired, washed, and was easily locateable (i.e. not put away yet).

Time to reflect on Clouds and Rain.

Marina Reflections.


Townsville Cloudy Skies

Townsville Cloudy Skies 2

Townsville Cloudy Skies 3

Townsville Cloudy Skies 5

Having lived in Townsville most of my life I have visited Magnetic Island aka Maggie, in all sorts of weather.

Of course Maggie shines under Blue Skies and light breezes, but rain brings out her softer side.

When I look her way in this kind of weather, I remember the little holes that heavy rain makes in the sand, hiding in rock caves to escape a drenching and reading in bed while rain beats crazily on a tin roof.

You can see a shower falling at Arcadia on the far right of the Island in this photo.

Townsville Cloudy Skies 7

Pink Grasses and Magnetic Island

And a close up just because I love the pink flowering grass 🙂

The Black Cockatoos really loved the rain.  

If they weren’t screeching from the tree tops, or throwing half chewed Pacific Almonds from above, they were patrolling beneath the trees.
Townsville Cloudy Skies 9

Townsville Cloudy Skies 10
The Cockies were not their normal flighty selves and stood their ground as I crept closer and closer.  The rain had made them more Cocky than usual.

Townsville Black Cockatoo

Townsville Cloudy Skies 11
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Wishing you Cloudy Skies and Rainy Days,



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