Have you caught Crabs on Holiday?

We actively try to catch crabs when we’re on holidays. 🙂

The best place to catch Crabs.

Measuring a mud crab.  Only male crabs can be taken.

Any river or ocean frontage that comprises of mangroves is perfect for mud crabs.


Lucinda 139 km north of Townsville, Australia, is our family’s favourite crabbing and fishing destination.  Passing the 55km mark of Rollingstone, the country turns from dry scrubland to a sugar cane landscape.  Further on we pass the Turn Off to The Paluma Range, where the change to wet tropics is really noticeable.  Sugar Cane loves rain, preferably without the wind associated with a cyclone though.

As a North Queenslander I think cane looks beautiful at any stage but I particularly like it when it is flowering.

Sugar Cane


Sugar Cane Flowers

Ingham, the turning off point to Lucinda has a strong Italian Heritage.  Italians emigrated to become sugar cane farmers and had a hard time being accepted at first, but that struggle is long over.  It must have been challenging for those first settlers to arrive from chilly Piedmont to a tropical monsoon climate.  You can read about how it all went down here.  The town holds an annual Italian Festival this year’s being 2/3rd August (2014).

The main boat ramp for Lucinda is Dungeness, five minutes from the Lucinda Point Hotel, the Port-O-Call.  A pontoon walkway separates the dual lanes of the ramp so that boaties (myself) need not get muddy feet or become crocodile fodder, plus there is a free boat and car washing bay as you leave.  The overhead power lines wear flags as a reminder for sail boat skippers to lower masts.

Dungeness boat ramp with a moody Hinchinbrook Island in the background.

Boat Ramp at Dungeness

Lucinda hasn’t changed much in the 35 years we have regularly visited, but the Dungeness area has changed remarkably.  It now has a Cafe/Fuel Outlet and several accommodation options, some directly on the water complete with a jetty mooring.  Nice, but I would make sure to pack the insect repellent – it is a mangrove creek after all!  Dungeness Creek is a tributary of the Herbert a largish river that swells enormously when in flood.


Once on the water there are creek, river and channel options for fishing and crabbing.  Hinchinbrook Island is huge and obliterates the ocean view from Dungeness. Hinchinbrook Channel extends from Lucinda in the south to Cardwell in the North and offers Houseboat holidays.

The Orpheus island Resort tender departs from Dungeness.  There are quite a few other islands, the closest being Pelorus, that are accessible by private vessel and the 6km long jetty that transports bulk sugar to waiting ships, points the way.  There is no Public Access to the sugar jetty (Gantry) but every fishing boat in the area has their favourite anchorage in the vicinity. Note that it is illegal to tie up to the jetty.  Another smaller jetty situated close to the Bulk Sugar Terminal is open to the public.

The Gantry, a 6km long Jetty.

Sugar Gantry Lucinda

One of the bulk sugar terminals being re roofed

The above photo shows one half of one of the three bulk sugar terminals being re-roofed.

Sunset in Dungeness Creek.

Sunset in Dungeness Creek

Mud crabs turn from darkest green to brightest orange when cooked.

Cooked Crabs

Crab Meat ready to be piled onto fresh bread with a sprinkling of ground pepper and malt vinegar.

Cooked Crab Meat

Only Male crabs can be taken.  They have a V shape underneath.

Male Mud Crab


Sometimes we camp or caravan but on the latest occasion we rented a holiday home.   Within a day we had met our two immediate neighbours plus dogs and a family from down the road (the school bus stop is opposite us).  Lucinda is a small community and everyone is up for a chat. We rented our holiday home from Ray White Real Estate in Ingham.

Have you ever caught and eaten Mud Crabs?

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