A Walk around Lake Bled

You know how beautiful art installations are shown on a central display so they can be walked around and enjoyed from all angles?

A Walk around Lake Bled in Slovenia is a photographer's dream, with a placid lake, island church and snow topped mountains in the background.

While the only natural lake in Slovenia isn’t a fancy art installation, it is stunningly beautiful and as romantic a destination as you could wish for – so of course it has it’s own lakeside walkway. In Spring time the path is the perfect place for admiring those clear deep waters, romantic island views and stunning mountain backdrop. I know that some visitors hire bicycles, but with a couple of hours and good weather walking is just fine.

Bled Boats at Bled Island

The rugged terrain of the Julian Alps, with 2864 metre high Mount Triglav, is a mecca for hikers, climbers and adventurers, but the 6.7 km lake-side walk at Bled is comparatively easy and a photographer’s dream. Lake Bled is in fact the most photographed lake in this Country of more than 320 lakes.

Church of the Assumption Lake Bled

Even on the same day and within hours the mood of the lake can change.

Bled Island

Lake Bled (29.5m deep) and nearby Lake Bohinj (30m) are both Glacial Lakes but neither are as deep as the 160 metre deep Wild Lake, a karst lake near Idrija.

Medieval Bled Castle looks down on the town and lake.

Bled Lake and Castle

Although Bled Island is continually catching the eye and camera lens, there are interesting things closer to the shoreline.

Lake Bled Wildflowers

Lake Bled Boats

Wild ducks (mallards) and swans (mute swans) are common on the lake.

Bled Mute Swan

Bled Lake Walkway

Queit place on the shores of Lake Bled

Bled is not shy when it comes to rowing events, having hosted the World Rowing Championships in 1966, 1979, and 1989 and 2011. The walkway leads through the Rowing Centre.

Bled Olympic Rowing Centre

Bar Plaza is perfectly positioned to take a break. It’s right on the shore just after the Rowing venue and sells coffee, cocktails and cake. The local custard and cream cake concoction – Kremsnita – got our tick of approval.

Plaza Bar on the shores of Lake Bled is a great spot to break your around the lake walk and indulge in Kresmita.

Lake Bled Plaza Bar Kremsnita

This map shows the location of the Bar Plaza Marquee on the shore at Velika Zaka (public swimming area).

Lake Bled Pontoon

Lake Bled Boats and Castle

Lake Bled Boat Boarding

Lake Bled Row Boats

Triglav and Bled Island


Budget Travel Tips.

In Slovene: Lake equals jezero: Lake Bled is Blejsko jezero

To look down on the lake, climb Mount Ojstrica. Although there are other view points (like Bled Castle) Ojstrica is considered the best.

Bicycles can be hired at the Tourist Office on the lake.

Boat to the Island. The standing rowers are called Pletnas and charge 12 euro return trip. They do limit your time on the island however so it might be better to hire a row-boat 12 euro per hour and stay as long as you like. There is the church, shop and souvenir shop and a walking track around the island.

They say that your wish comes true if you ring the bell of the island’s church, the 17th-century baroque Assumption of Mary Church. The original bell fell to the bottom of the lake in a storm but a Pope supplied a replacement. The sunken bell story is celebrated each Christmas.

The island is the only natural island in Slovenia.

You can fish in the lake. Read about it here.

Accommodation Suggestions:

The Camping Ground behind Velika Zaka (see above map).

Or stay 20km away at Ukanc Apartments at Lake Bohinj.

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