Slow Travel, Road Trips and Creating a new life on the Sunshine Coast

As this year draws to a close, I’ve been thinking how Creating a new life on the Sunshine Coast led us to experience Slow Travel, Road Trips and more. 2017 started with the move from our home of 60 years in Townsville where both Marty and I were born and where we raised our two […]

Kyoto Train Station and Christmas

Although only one in two million Japanese are Christians, the Festive Season is not overlooked in Japan.  In fact anything involving the national sport of shopping, is embraced with gusto and Christmas with it’s shining lights, trees, gifts and ornaments is enjoyed as a cultural event. [pinit] I was particularly transfixed by the decorations for […]

This Tuesday in Townsville we are Swimming in Paradise

Would you like to swim in Paradise? Yes? Then follow the Bruce Highway north from Townsville or South from Ingham and turn off at the Frosty Mango. Paradise Waterhole is a deep long pool situated in Big Crystal Creek. We like to swim in Paradise on Australia Day, the 25th January, but this year we were […]

November 2013 – 2104 Budget Travel Talk

  It is hard to believe that we are well into the month of December.  The perfect to time to reflect on our year of travel. I’ve  made a coffee so why don’t you join me for a recap of Budget Travel Talk from November 2013 to November 2014. November 2013 We returned to Australia […]

Tuesday in Townsville – Poinciana Flowers and a Happy New Year

Christmas 2013, christened The Best Christmas Yet by general family consensus, exited the stage, leaving me a few pounds chunkier and the fridge a few bottles of Sav Blanc richer, albeit with a certain odeur de crevettes. Poinciana trees in flower are special to us.  Many years ago living the childfree existence in Western Australia, we flew […]

Fantastic Friday Changi Airport Christmas Decorations 2013

I love the AWARD WINNING Changi Airport in Singapore. It is so huge that it never seems crowded, and it always seems calm despite how much we are rushing. We saw this Leaning Tower of Pisa Christmas Decoration about three weeks ago. I wonder how many people have posed “Holding It Up” by now? Isn’t it […]