What to do in Coolum

Australia is a massive country to explore and it goes without saying that a Queensland beach experience is high on many holidayer’s To Do List. Mine reads something like this. Cool blue water. hot summer days. crashing white foam. sandy toes. salty lips. fish & chip sundowners. drinks on the deck. repeat. Hello Coolum! [pinit] […]

Budget Travel Tips

At one point in time the travel industry equated budget travel with backpacking, dormitory sleeping and hitch-hiking, but today with so many Baby Boomers roaming the world, things have changed. On our blog we zero in on the big three. Transport. Accommodation. Food. Budget Travel Tips. [pinit] Housesit Have you ever wished you could live […]

What is Budget Jan doing?

  My mind has been trying to adjust to being home again from our recent trip to Europe. I’m suffering through the readjusting period – thinking of a million posts I could write and trying to transition from thinking to doing.   I could write about the impromptu walk that we undertook one day to […]