Pula a small Croatian town with a big Roman Amphitheatre

My interest in Pula came to life a few years ago when a friend visited on a month long trip through Croatia. He sent rave reviews -photos of tiny fish being cooked over the fire and served with a simple salad – the flavour divine. His stories of arriving in Pula by ferry and enjoying […]

Is the Valley of the Temples at Agrigento Sicily really in a valley?

The so called Valley of the Temples in south-western Sicily sprawls along the ridge tops near the town of Agrigento. The ridge falls away to valleys on both sides, one lush green and treed toward the town and another over brown then manicured fields to the ocean. On this side the fields are divided by […]

Southern Sicily Unplugged

The aim of Southern Sicily Unplugged is to reveal the streets as they really are. Some shots were taken from the car whilst moving from A  to B, while others are from our walks on the streets of Modica, our home base in this Baroque corner of Sicily. I hope they impart a feeling for […]

Terme di Caracalla spa bath and Lunch at Al Callarello in Rome

Having ticked off the major sights of historical Rome, there is another fantastic site quite near the Palatino in the south that’s worthwhile visiting. I’m not sure why the ancient thermal baths complex of Terme di Caracalla, built in 212AD isn’t more popular than it is. However this worked in our favour as we had […]

BiH Roadtrip Mostar to Stolac via Radimlja Necropolis

After following the Neretva River to Mostar as part of our BiH road trip and Ten Weeks in Europe 2015, we’re back-tracking to the Buna River junction and turning south toward a town called Stolac that was destroyed by war in the summer of 1993. Mostar.   Mostar Collage. But before we could reach the rebuilt […]

Sunday in Trapani Sicily

Palermo to Trapani Thunder rumbled through our last night in Palermo and sure enough, just before we began our Sunday Morning walk to the bus station, the rain started.  Luckily for us, traffic was light and we were left in peace to negotiate puddles and dodge drips. The glazing sealant at the bus station was […]

The Thrill of Discovery in Turkey

My earliest memories of adventure reach back to my knobbly kneed five year old self, a hobby horse, a treasure map, my older brother, friends and the wide open grasslands that surrounded our home. Leaving CANAKKALE. Overlooking the Dardanelles. The guinea grass grew tall in the abandoned land on the suburb’s perimeter down near the […]

Bozcaada the Barren

35 minutes from Geyikli, below the Dardanelles on the west Coast of Turkey,  lies Bozcaada Island – literally the Barren Island. We had visited Cunda Island 130km to the south the previous day, but being connected via causeway to the mainland it lacked true Island status. Bozcaada on the other hand stood alone, approachable only by ferry […]