Sunshine Coast Food with a View

On Friday 18th July, 2014,  Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, was named an Australian National Surfing Reserve.  It joins the other select few – Manly N.S.W., Margaret River W.A. and Phillip Island Vic. … in recognition of world-class breaks and local surf heritage.  The Reserve is positioned between the Noosa River mouth and north Sunshine […]

Pamukkale or Twenty Photos of a Cotton Castle in Turkey

Whenever my friend and I get together over Coffee and Cake the talk is endless and usually about travel, and kids, and what we are wearing to the races… but travel is always in the mix – I guess because it makes us both happy. Anyway she just loves Turkey and over the years Pamukkale […]

Tuesday in Townsville on the Goat Track

Townsville, the home of Castle Hill and the famed Goat Track is full of fitness fanatics.  Phrases like I do the Hill after work every day are common place around here.  Of course the response to this statement is often The Goat Track or the Road?  Townsvillians often refer to any track on the hill as the Goat […]

Ten Photos from Intriguing Kampot

At first I named this post Ten Intriguing Photos from Kampot.  Then I realised what I meant to convey was that Kampot itself was Intriguing, not the Photos themselves Per se. Kampot the fourth stop on our Cambodian Itinerary was the perfect break.  It’s peaceful vibe, wide river boulevard, and quirky restaurants and bars made it an […]

Cengelkoy in a hook of the Bosphorus in Istanbul

Istanbul holds a gold mine of memories for me.  Discovering the Rustem Pasa Mosque hidden near the Spice Market in a street selling everything wooden, sitting with some Turkish kids on the thirty foot high Theodosian Walls or just living in our Galata Apartment come immediately to mind. Remembering our day at Cengelkoy (Hook Village) on the […]

Australian Road Trip Photos Day 2

As we departed the Miriam Vale Hotel on Day 2  of our Aussie Road Trip the mist was lifting over the rusting roof tops. Nearly every small Aussie town has a war memorial and the one in parkland across from the Hotel had a fresh coat of paint – Miriam Vale was a well looked […]

Australian Road Trip Photos Day 1

We started our trip in Townsville, 1300km north of Brisbane the capital of the Sunshine State at 7 a.m. To see a gazillion photos of Townsville have a look at Tuesday in Townsville on the blog. First coffee break was at 208km just south of Bowen opposite the Big Mango Information Centre. The tide was […]

The sights of Istanbul from the Kadikoy Ferry

Stand with me for five minutes on Istanbul’s Galata Bridge amidst the fishermen with their long rods and look toward the Asian Shore.  It takes a while before a visitor here comes to terms with all the water. Flowing beneath us are the waters of the Golden Horn; in front and left the Bosphorus Straits […]

Dondurma or a Magical Turkish Icecream

If you see a vendor dressed in Turkish Costume in Istiklal Caddesi or other places in Istanbul, beating his stainless steel tubs with a metre long icecream scoop, you have found the Dondurma or Icecream man. Turkish Icecream has an additional two ingredients – Salep and Mastic. Salep is flour made from the Early Purple […]