Tortum to Dogubayazit in Eastern Turkey

Day 3 of our Eastern Turkey Road Trip dawned in Tortum, a small town we had not heard of prior to our arrival the evening before.  We had stayed late in the day hunting Georgian Churches and assumed it would be easy to find a place to stay.  It was not. We asked around. Pansiyon? […]

The Strangest Food I’ve Eaten While Traveling or a Cup of Pink Pickled Cabbage

I am so glad BootsnAll posed the question: What is the Strangest Food You’ve Eaten While Traveling? for Day 10 of #Indie30 challenge. Answers I Considered. Poutines? – Only Canadians think they are not strange. Insects? – Nuh – 80% of the World’s cultures eat them. Liver and Pineapple Salad? – While these two ingredients […]

Kampong Pluk A Fishing Village on Stilts

We decided on the spur of the moment to visit Kampong Pluk a fishing village on Tonle Sap some 30 km south-east of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Borith, the same friendly guide we used for our Angkor Wat experience, accompanied us on a day trip to Beng Melea a smaller version of Angkor Wat some 68 […]

World Travel Changed my Opinion

For BootsnAll’s #Indie 30 this post also describes my Worst Travel Experience. I cut my world travel teeth backpacking through the U.K. and Europe in my early twenties. Traveling by myself I learned to communicate with locals, organize my own travel, make friends on the road and have a bloody good time in the process.  […]

Sihanoukville Market Cambodia or Phsar Leu

The business district of Sihanoukville Cambodia is on a small hill with the beach areas of Serendipity, Ochheuteal, Sokha, Independence and Victory spread below like a skirt front, while our favorite beach Otres is 5 km away on the outskirts.  Phsar Leu or Market Upper is central in the upper town, and is so named […]

Tuesday in Townsville with the Fish Poison Tree

Crossing over the little creek that enters the ocean near Strand Waterpark my heart skipped a beat.  Recently the profusion of lily plants beneath the trees had been culled and the gardens redressed. From a distance I could see the flowers sprinkled against the dark red of fresh bark chips. Expectantly I hurried toward the […]

Is Turkey a Budget Destination

The first thing people ask about  our journey to Turkey in September 2013 is What did you like most about Turkey (the people) quickly followed by Is Turkey a budget destination?   In this post I attempt to answer that question. In keeping with it’s geographical position, Turkey’s affordability hovers indecisively somewhere between that of Asia […]

Tuesday in Townsville Barra and Birds at Peter Faust Dam Proserpine

Last week-end the fathers and sons from our circle of friends got together for a fishing trip.  Being of the wrong gender I was not invited, but Marty did the right thing and took lots of photographs.  The weather was beautiful and all of his photos were fantastic.   Here are some of my favourites. Well […]