Heading South from Rome

Our alarm rang at the totally un-Roman time of 6 a.m. with the Taxi arriving promptly 50 minutes later.  A sleepy blanket hung over the city as we said our farewells. From the rooftop of the apartment where we stood with our Airbnb host, we could look north to the dome of St. Peters Basilica, […]

Journey Destination Experience and finding the perfect Budget Accommodation

Journey.Destination.Experience I have thought long and hard about these words. They are Budget Travel Talk’s byline and each are considered with a view to the budget.  I’ve been thinking about this subject because I’m in the throes of planning our ten week trip to Sicily, Croatia and Slovenia.  We leave in a matter of days […]

Snorkelling and Fishing at Pelorus and Orpheus Islands near Lucinda About Townsville

Lucinda and the Palm Island Group which include Pelorus and Orpheus islands are the perfect distance from Townsville, our home town in North Queensland.  A journey there is long enough to give a going on holiday feel and short enough to arrive in 1.5 hours. This week the weather was perfect for an island trip, […]

Budget Kyoto and The Bamboo Forest at Arashiyama

The best things in life and travel are free. Marty and I are not averse to spending money on experiences and there are plenty of ways to do so Kyoto, but there are many budget options as well. Shrines are free to visit – even the amazing Orange Torii gates at Fushimi Inari Taisha and provide an […]

Exploring the Elements or a Photography Challenge

Exploring the Elements is a photographic challenge issued by Thomas Cook. A post title that incorporates exploring and a photographic challenge is bound to appeal to a Travel Blogger and I am no exception. When Noel from Travel Photo Discovery nominated me for the challenge I happily started rummaging through my photo files. Without further […]

The Rose Valley Cappadocia or a Walk Amongst the Fairy Chimneys

Istanbul is the first destination I would visit in Turkey, but Cappadocia would be snapping at it’s heels.  I am crazy about Eastern Turkey but Cappadocia is on the way east and is a spectacular destination.  Turkey is full of spectacular sights! Cappadocia?   It is a region in Turkey – not a City or a Town. […]

About Townsville Alligator Creek Reflections

About Townsville? This is the first post under the banner of About Townsville which has replaced the old Tuesday in Townsville. I’m busy posting photos under the hashtag #AboutTownsville on Instagram, facebook and twitter. You can read previous posts under the banner of Tuesday in Townsville HERE. Hot and Humid Since the two recent Queensland cyclones have […]

Nara I admire your lines and Lanterns

You might say that spending two weeks in a country is not long to absorb the culture, but I am fairly certain that I got one observation correct on our first trip to Land of the Rising Sun. Japan in Precise. The trees that grow in public places and temples are manicured, sometimes tended on hands […]

Deer and Daibutsu at Nara

When Japan came under imperial control way back in 710, Nara became it’s first Permanent Capital.  Yamato, as modern day Nara Prefecture was then known, was birthplace of the emperors and it’s name graced the bow of Japan’s World War II Flagship.  Prior to Nara, the Capital city changed with each Emperor’s death – due to Shinto beliefs. After […]