Visit Townsville in Springtime

Townsville has exploded into Spring. Yesterday I took my camera and my dog for a walk down by the Ross River. The native bottlebrush trees had shed their workaday demeanour and dressed themselves in flowers.  Some surrounded their new flowers with a flush of pale green Spring leaves. These same trees have proven abilities to […]

Bozcaada the Barren

35 minutes from Geyikli, below the Dardanelles on the west Coast of Turkey,  lies Bozcaada Island – literally the Barren Island. We had visited Cunda Island 130km to the south that very morning but being connected via causeway to the mainland it lacked true Island status. Bozcaada on the other hand stood alone, approachable only by ferry […]

Assos and Iskele a Turkish Greek City and Port

On the southern side of Ancient Troad or the modern Biga Peninsula in North Eastern Turkey, is the once Greek Settlement of Assos.  The Temple to Athena built in 530BC presides over the hilltop, while downhill beneath the 2nd Century BC Theatre, lies the old port. Old stone warehouses, reborn as hotels and restaurants, cluster […]

Tuesday in Townsville and a Mini Break at Mission Beach

Townsville is well positioned to sample the delights of life in North Queensland. Just off-shore is our special Maggie, formally known as Magnetic Island; while driving an hour or so west leads to Charters Towers or Charlies Trousers an old gold mining town; and it’s only an hour south to our latest favourite fishing spot of Morris Creek. a mangrove […]

Cunda or Alibey a Turkish Agean Island

Magnetic Island 8km offshore from my hometown in Australia is considered a suburb of Townsville as well as an easily accessible holiday destination for locals.  Cunda (Choonda) Island offshore from Ayvalik on the North Agean Coast of Turkey is like that.  Even better, it is connected by a 8 km Causeway (built in the late […]

Ayvalik an Agean Seaside Town in Turkey

Ayvalik on the North Agean Coast of Turkey was once an Ottoman Greek Town. After the Turkish War of Independence and an agreement in 1923, the remaining residents of Ayvalik (Ayvali) and their properties were exchanged with Turkish Muslims raised and living in Greece.  For a long time after the exchange Greek was therefore still the […]

Lycian Tomb viewing in Fethiye

More than a few Lycian tombs congregate on the Mountain just south of the centre of Fethiye in the Mugla Province of what is modern day Turkey.  The highest and largest of the Tombs was built in 350 BC when Fethiye was known as Telmessos, one of the city-states that formed Lycia.  An inscription on […]

Monkeys by the Angkor Wat Moat

Driving by the moat after a full day spent viewing Angkor Wat, the Bayon (smiling faces) in Angkor Thom and Ta Phrom (overgrown by trees), we spontaneously asked our Tuk Tuk driver to stop.  We wanted photos of the moat from here where it had a dreamlike quality and then our guide Borith mentioned there […]