Galata is the best place for a first time stay in Istanbul

  Where is it?   Galata is the southernmost Neighborhood of Istanbul’s Beyoglu District. Some first time visitors choose to stay amongst the big name sights of Sultanahmet, but for our first week in Istanbul we chose the Galata Neighbourhood. Downtrodden and derelict in the 60′s it’s cobblestoned streets now hold an interesting collection of […]

Looking Through the Chu-mon Gate at Ninna-Ji

It was a mellower version of myself that looked through the pink Chu-mon Gate at Ninna-Ji Temple in Western Kyoto.   The Goten Complex had left me feeling so Zen, that as we walked through the Chu-mon, I failed to photograph the Cherry Blossom trees even though we stood before them discussing how they were a special […]

Ninna-Ji the laid back temple of Kyoto

As we walked from the train station my eyes were drawn to the imposing gates of Ninna-Ji. This was our first visit to a Japanese Temple and I couldn’t help wondering what awaited us on the other side of that huge gate, the Nio-mon.     These scary Nio, one either side of the gate […]

Kinkaku-Ji the Golden Pavilion of Kyoto

Serendipity has played a hand in our travels before and it did so again during our two weeks in Kyoto in early November 2014.  We had hoped to meet up with Reiko, a friend from Hiroshima whom we had met briefly years before in Australia.  Hiroshima was quite a distance from Kyoto and it didn’t seem […]

This Tuesday in Townsville we are Swimming in Paradise

Would you like to swim in Paradise? Yes? Then follow the Bruce Highway north from Townsville or South from Ingham and turn off at the Frosty Mango. Paradise Waterhole is a deep long pool situated in Big Crystal Creek. We like to swim in Paradise on Australia Day, the 25th January, but this year we were […]

More Bright Lights in Osaka Japan

This week I am continuing our Night Lights of Osaka tour. We love to wing it on holidays and our two weeks in Kyoto in November 2014, were very much a holiday.  Only an eight hour flight from Cairns in North Queensland, Japan is a “close” destination for Aussies, as opposed to Europe which often […]

November 2013 – 2104 Budget Travel Talk

  It is hard to believe that we are well into the month of December.  The perfect to time to reflect on the year.  I’ve  made a coffee so why don’t you join me for a recap of our budget travels from November 2013 to November 2014. November 2013 We returned to Australia from Turkey […]

Bright Lights in Osaka Japan

After days of rubbing shoulders with kimonoed ladies, admiring temple gardens and ringing Shinto Shrine bells, we awoke one morning blew off the incense and headed for the big smoke. The big city lights of Osaka. As always things were afoot at the Airbnb house we shared in Southern Higashiyama District of Kyoto.  With five rooms, house hellos […]

Tuesday in Townsville at City Lane

City Lane opened in June 2014 and is labelled as Townsville’s first creative laneway project. Melbourne has the finest laneway culture in Australia and City Lane is meant to encapsulate that feeling. In the CBD to purchase some Yen for our first trip to Japan, we took the opportunity to check it out. Arriving via […]