While staying in the hills of Liguria we often caught the local bus down to the Big Smoke, on the coast, namely San Remo.  Wandering the streets we noticed two amazing sites.  Both were food orientated but from opposite ends of the spectrum, and both were super-sized.  We sat having coffee waiting for the shops […]

More Hanoi Highlights – Post 2

POST 2 – 30 DAYS IN VIETNAM Home again in Townsville,  I have prepared a Vietnamese Coffee to get me in the mood.  It has a thick layer of condensed milk in the bottom of the glass (a little too thick) and a larger layer of strong coffee on top.  In Vietnam it comes in […]

Secret Water Ski and Camping Weekend

WE WENT WATER SKIING AND CAMPING ON THE WEEK-END, BUT I AM NOT ALLOWED TO TELL YOU THE LOCATION! YES – that is right.  My friends and co-campers (not bloggers obviously), insisted – with a don’t mess with us attitude – “Don’t you dare tell the world about this place”. One look at their faces […]

Hello Hanoi – Post 1

POST 1 – 30 DAYS IN VIETNAM As we emerged from the unexpectedly small luggage collection area of Noi Bai Airport, we were greeted by a smiling local.  No, he was not a friend of ours, but we were very happy to meet the driver from the Rising Dragon Hotel.  Arranging for a hotel pickup […]


Can I tell you, that as an Australian, the name Kicking Horse Pass held such connotations of the American Wild West, that we detoured from Lake Louise, Canada, just to see it. Whilst in the neighbourhood and lured by the impossibly attractive name of Emerald Lake (Emerald City – Wizard of Oz!) we arrived early […]


New Zealand’s south island knows it’s blues.  The only other place I have been that equals N.Z. for blue is Canada.  But then N.Z. is like a mini Canada, and we all know good things come in small packages!  We headed from Timaru through Mackenzie Country to Lake Tekapo with some kiwi friends.  The guys […]


Our first house-sitting assignment was for a work colleague of my husbands.  She lived with her partner on Magnetic Island, Queensland and worked in Townsville.  We eagerly replied to the notice she posted on the work noticeboard. Magnetic Island is special to most people born and raised in Townsville.  It is only 8km off-shore and […]


Even though we knew we had to be in position by 6 a.m. to see Tak Bat, (the monks receiving alms from the public), we managed to arrive late.  This gave us an unconventional view of the early morning ritual – that of following along behind the monks – and they set a mean pace […]


Kouang Si waterfall  is set in lush forest 30 km south of Luang Prabang, Laos.  There are several different ways of spelling the name, but I am sticking with the way it is on the sign! The temperature in Luang Prabang in early April was 42 degrees celsius, so understandably a chance to get wet […]