Travel Theme – Red

I just saw this Travel Theme over at Where’s My Backpack and had to make an entry, even though it is time for a new travel theme on Friday – Tomorrow.  You see Red is a favourite colour of mine.  It is a favourite colour in Asia also where it is considered to be lucky.  […]

My Top Travel Memories – First Timers

My top travel memories are all “first timers” – after all “they” are  the most exciting and memorable of memories.  Subsequent times may be more planned, refined, knowledgeable, or satisfying, but the first time is the one that always jumps feet first into that place in my head – right between the eyes. First House-Sit. […]

Central Park, NYC – First Impression

The National Maine Monument Fund commissioned the statue which was dedicated in 1913.  The Fund raised the money through public subscription.  It commemorates the ship the USS Maine which was sunk in Havana in 1898.  The statue is situated at the main entrance to Central Park in New York – Merchants Gate. These are my […]