Fantastic Friday Street Art in Montreal Canada

Montreal is a fantastic city and the Plateau District was possibly my favourite part of Montreal.  OK, I will commit myself and say it was definitely my favourite.  It was an arty kind of place back in 2010 and I am sure it still is.  A little bit East Villagey (I am not sure Villagey […]

Fantastic Friday – Terrasse Dufferin

There we stood on the Terrasse Dufferin in QUEBEC CITY.  At our back was the beautiful Chateau Frontenac and spread beneath us, the Old Lower Town and the timeless Saint Lawrence. Rainwater had formed mini pools on the individual timbers of the boardwalk in April 2010, when these photos were taken. In Mid-June, the sun […]

Fantastic Friday: Tadoussac and the Saguenay River

To reach Tadoussac, a well known whale watching village 212 km from Quebec City, you must first of all travel 212 km through some of the most beautiful country wedged between the Saint Lawrence River and the mountains.  Then when the Saguenay River is reached, it is all aboard the car ferry to reach Tadoussac […]

Fantastic Friday – Dry Gulch Provincial Park Campfire Heaven

My Aussie brain conjured up images of the American Wild West when I heard the name “Dry Gulch”, and this was not the  ONLY TIME  it would happen in Canada.  But dry Gulch Provincial Park is located just south of Kootenay National Park, a Canadian wonderland of forest, river, mountain, valley, bears and moose. More […]

Spring at Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver

In May 2010, our friends who live in Vancouver took us to this park, the second most visited park in Vancouver.  At 152 m above sea level it is the highest point in Vancouver and has great downtown and north shore views. In 2008 the woman on the left of the statue group (the one […]

Fantastic Friday Photo – Which Jetty

My home town sits wedged between the ocean and a river.  On my daily walk along the beach, I look past a jetty, purpose built for fishermen and beyond to a tropical island.  When we travel I am drawn to river trips to explore caves, or snorkeling forays into the ocean.  My photographic files overflow […]

Fantastic Friday – Rainbow Mountain – Jasper

It was late afternoon at Jasper R.V. and Camping Ground our last stop in the Canadian Rockies.  The time of day when we took a walk through the park, discussing the day’s adventures and planning the next.  Quite comprehensively wooded, the park had individual pockets of space for R.V.’s to park in and an abundance […]

Fantastic Friday – Wolf Lake?

On the Icefields Parkway, between Banff and Jasper in the Canadian Rocky mountains, (one of the great drives of the world) we came across this lake.  I do not know it’s name, but looking at this photo it sure looks like the head of a Wolf.  Might it also be called Blue Lake – it […]