Fantastic Friday in Peurto Lope Spain

What is fantastic about this Friday? The Peurto Lope Festival in Spain. As a woman I was thrilled to see the fantastic outfits of the women and as a lover of different cultures the whole day was fantastic.  MORE PHOTOS OF THE DAY HERE. For those of you who are not feeling so well, I […]

Fantastic Friday – Cordoba Patios

When I first heard of the Cordoba Patios, I struggled to understand the concept.  It was explained to me like so “People decorate their patios (courtyards) then other people come and look at them”. My initial thought was “Gee that is going to be awkward just walking into peoples courtyard and looking at their flowering […]

Views from the Alhambra in Granada Spain

Have you been to the Alhambra in Spain? We arrived in Granada on 22nd April 2012, and visited the Alhambra on a day that was as beautiful as the two and a half weeks that followed it.  Even though we live in a warm and sunny part of Australia, the weather at that time in […]

Fantastic Friday: An Unexpected View in Segovia

When we visit a town for one big reason, like to see the amazing ROMAN AQUEDUCT and Bridge in Segovia, Spain, we inevitably turn away from the splendour, looking for another impression, the Ying for the Yang. Like these images from a random walk. Then a corner is turned, and BAM, the splendour returns in […]

Fantastic Friday – Dunking in Granada is Messy

Early morning breezes and a nip in the air – a North Queensland Autumn – a Spanish Spring? See the expanse of sky in this photo? Spring time in Anadalucia and hence Granada, is blue skies. As the day progresses it is hard to tell the difference between what could be whispy white clouds but […]

Tuesday in Townsville – Lest We Forget – 25th April

As the 25th April approaches I remember our last ANZAC Day IN SPAIN. ANZAC = Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. Brilliant red flower heads, sparkling in the Spanish sunshine.   A recently found Poppy tucked into a memorial plate at the N.Q. Garden of Remembrance at ANZAC Park, Townsville, Australia. At Dawn on the 25th […]

Fantastic Friday – Spring Time in Granada, Spain

Spring Time in Granada, Spain,  is beautiful.  Time to Smell the Roses.  The garden beds that line the streets of the central district, overflow with rosy red identical flowers.  Time to photograph dazzling geraniums that splash themselves shamelessly against the white washed walls of the ALBAICIN.  The old Jewish quarter on the hill. Temperatures hover on […]