Slow Travel, Road Trips and Creating a new life on the Sunshine Coast

As this year draws to a close, I’ve been thinking how Creating a new life on the Sunshine Coast led us to experience Slow Travel, Road Trips and more. 2017 started with the move from our home of 60 years in Townsville where both Marty and I were born and where we raised our two […]

Townsville Tourist and Lifestyle Village – A Budget Travel Review

This week, six months after our move south, we’ve returned to our home-town to visit family and attend the annual Palm Creek Folk Festival. This gave us the perfect opportunity to do a Budget Travel Review of the Townsville Tourist and Lifestyle Village. Townsville is Australia’s largest urban centre outside of the Sunshine Coast some 1300km to the […]

Australia is a bloody big country

Marty and I have travelled around Australia.  Not in one long drive, but a bit here and a bit there, mostly in Queensland because that is where we live. We’ve lived in Perth the Capital of Western Australia, but those were pre-blogging and pre-digital days so the photographic proof is sketchy to non-existent. Landing there […]

Five ways to beat the heat in Townsville North Queensland

It’s no secret that Australian Summers are hot and where we live in Townsville North Queensland that is definitely the case. With temperatures etched into the 30’s and a humidity (85%) that looks better as a test result, I’ve decided to share five of my favourite ways to beat the heat. We’ve used these tips […]

About Townsville and the feetonmyhometown Instagram Challenge Religion

Fairlie, aka Alison from Feet on Foreign Lands is a very interesting lady.  I love the way she story tells on her blog and her quirky views on things.  Anyway she is having an Instagram Challenge this month called #feetonmyhometown. I’ve not been About Townsville for the first ten days of the month, but now […]

Townsville to Gold Coast by Caravan and WikiCamps Australia

We arrived home from Ten Weeks in Europe, on July 1st and instead of moping around for weeks afterward like I usually do, I have been quite excited. As you may have guessed there were travel related reasons for this weirdness. We took delivery of a brand new caravan just before we went overseas and there […]

About Townsville Alligator Creek Reflections

About Townsville? This is the first post under the banner of About Townsville which has replaced the old Tuesday in Townsville. I’m busy posting photos under the hashtag #AboutTownsville on Instagram, facebook and twitter. You can read previous posts about Townsville HERE. Hot and Humid Since the two recent Queensland cyclones have passed – one to […]

About Townsville

The Budget Travel Talk segment  Tuesday in Townsville  has had a change of name.   Let me know what you think about the new About Townsville Facebook Page  and remember to  Like It  if you do!   Mid January saw Townsville temperatures in the mid thirties, humidity in the high nineties and the Ross River […]

This Tuesday in Townsville we are Swimming in Paradise

Would you like to swim in Paradise? Yes? Then follow the Bruce Highway north from Townsville or South from Ingham and turn off at the Frosty Mango. Paradise Waterhole is a deep long pool situated in Big Crystal Creek. We like to swim in Paradise on Australia Day, the 25th January, but this year we were […]