Peaceful arcades at Mirogoj Cemetery Zagreb

One of the most beautiful final resting places in Europe is situated in the leafy foothills of Mount Medvednica in the Croatian captial of Zagreb. Mirogoj Cemetery. [pinit] Commenced in 1879 by architect Herman Bollé, the walls, arcades, pavilions and morgue took half a century to complete. The powerful brick wall of the Cemetery, topped […]

Pula its More than a Roman Amphitheatre

Pula, home of Pula Arena, the fourth most famous Roman Amphitheatre in the world today, is the largest town in Istria and eighth largest in Croatia. Croatian Istria is that knob of land jutting out into the Adriatic just below that charming Slovenian port of Piran. [pinit] The old centre of this friendly, walkable and […]

Hooked on Split Walking Tour Croatia

The fact that I have shared three posts in three weeks on this Croatian seaside town hints that I am seriously Hooked on Split. In previous posts I’ve explored the beaches and Diocletian’s Palace, but on this tour I’ve let myself off the Hook to take in the sights from the small boat port of Matejuška to Narodni Trg […]

Split and the Diocletians Palace

In the town of Split on the Dalmatian cost of Croatia it is possible to step through a gateway to a Roman Palace built in 305AD and find yourself in a modern day bustling city. Emperor Diocletian built the Palace as his retirement home, outside the then Roman Dalmatian Capital city of Salona. After centuries […]

Explore Split Croatia Beaches and Cycle around Marjan Split Croatia

The most southern region of Croatia’s coastline holds the stunning Dalmatian coast with the glittering islands near Split Croatia off-shore. Croatians love sun, beaches and swimming and gravitate to the ocean whenever they can. Some visitors treat Split as a mere stepping off point for the islands, but it is a beautiful and exciting town […]

Lights Sounds and Scenes of the Croatian town of Zadar

The Ocean plays a star role in what makes Croatia such a popular travel destination. Every seaside town along this most indented of Mediterranean Coastlines has a Riva – that pleasant paved seaside strip where people promenade, swim, fish, moor boats, drink coffee and take their evening stroll. [pinit] The Riva in Zadar shines with […]