Our Best Instagram Photos from Japan, Montenegro and Italy

This selection of our best Instagram photos has links to some exciting destinations and travel experiences. Click the links to read associated posts from the blog. Nara, Japan Nara attractions include Kasuga Taisha shrine, Daibutsu (giant buddha) and free roaming deer. This is the place where Japanese culture evolved and the quick 35 – 45 minute […]

Over the border into Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor

Sitting at the cafe on Crkvina Hill in Trebinje in Bosnia (BiH), savouring the last of our coffee and the view, we cajoled ourselves into moving.  It was time to leave Bosnia and East Herzegovina and head to the Montenegro Border and that day’s destination in the Bay of Kotor. But there was one last thing […]

Ten Weeks in Europe 2015

Having arrived back in Australia after Ten weeks in Europe with camera cards bulging and a loop of experiences on permanent replay in my head. Countries Visited. a) Italy Rome, Amalfi Coast, Sicily? b) Slovenia the beautiful, Piran and Ljulbjana via Triglav National Park? c) Croatia – Zagreb, the National Park, Seaside Towns and Islands? d) Bosnia & […]