Lan Ha Bay Vietnam rival for Halong Bay

Cat Bay Island in Vietnam is a stepping off point to beautiful Lan Ha Bay. Karst islands litter Lan Ha Bay, like stepping stones in a giant playground meant for outdoor pursuits like climbing and kayaking. The quieter, more pristine waters of Lan Ha, rival and many say surpass, those of the descending dragon or Halong […]

What to see and do in Vietnam plus Itinerary

Vietnam is an exciting country to visit. The people are friendly and inquisitive (especially in the south) the food is packed with flavour and there are some beautiful natural sights to be found. Food is very affordable, even in restaurants and decent accommodation is cheap. Although it can be said that travelling independently in Vietnam […]

The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Awards 2015

Michele the awesome family blogger from Malaysian Meanders nominated me for this award.  She is a Texan of Asian heritage, who when I first started following her was a well established expat in Penang.  She writes amazingly detailed and helpful posts and impresses me because she didn’t have an overwhelming urge to travel.  She and her husband […]

Fantastic Friday Sapa Reflections

Sapa situated in the far north-west of Vietnam is quite often shrouded in mist making it hard to see the terracing of the hillsides for which Sapa is famous.  Budget Hubby did a great job taking this photo through the mist layer.  Capturing reflections in the terrace water makes it even more fantastic. Have a […]

Experience Heaven and Earth in Hoi An – Post 11

Our Heaven and Earth Bicycle Tour was my favourite Hoi An Experience. The Unesco heritage listed buildings of Hoi An showed their age but were in remarkable condition. Our bicycles were loaded on to the ferry – Hoi An Riverfront. We chose Tour 1 on our April 2011 visit – the half day ride.   Although […]

Fantastic Friday Sapa Reflections

We stood on the mountain looking down to our trek destination in the valley below SAPA.  The view we hoped for was one of a myriad of terraces – you know – the one that is featured in all the travel mags and blogs? Looking down into the valley, made me grope my glasses to […]

Tuesday in Townsville – Hello Lunar Year of the Snake

B.H. and I have been known to throw the odd Chinese New Year Party.  Last year the first date I suggested was rejected by 75% of the invitees with a differing 75% of invitees rejecting second and third dates as well, where-after my mathematically challenged brain, gave up on the percentages and put it in […]

Fantastic Friday – Fresh Seafood Hanoi Style

Our first early (well not too early) morning walk in Hanoi was a haphazard affair that led from where we stayed at Rising Dragon in the historical centre to Hoan Kiem Lake.  The distance was short but the nearby streets had turned into a local fish and meat market overnight, and we had to investigate. […]