Over the border into Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor

Sitting at the cafe on Crkvina Hill in Trebinje, savouring the last of our coffee and the admirable view, we cajoled ourselves into moving.  It was time to leave East Herzegovina and drive over the border into Montenegro and that day’s destination in the Bay of Kotor. But there was one last thing we wanted to […]

The Church on the hill in Trebinje BiH

Jovan Dučić is one of the favourite sons of Trebinje.  While other notable residents were historically either sports people, performers or rebel leaders he was a teacher, turned distinguished diplomat, who was even more well-known as a writer and poet. Today he lies buried in a purpose-built Church on the hill in Trebinje. One of three […]

Best of 2015 Travel at Budget Travel Talk

Best New Travel Experience In 2015 we added a brand new Coromal Caravan to the Budget Travel Talk arsenal. This photo was taken at our first free camp at Notch Point Queensland.  Years ago we purchased an old van without amenities to see if we liked the lifestyle.  We did, but decided we needed to be self-sufficient […]

Following the Yellow Bus to Trebinje BiH

Like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, we followed the yellow brick road bus from Ljubinje to Trebinje, in the far south of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Yellow also the favoured colour of guard rails and road signs.  The bus stopped occasionally over the hour’s trip collecting male passengers carrying plastic bags, shopping bags and neatly […]

BiH Roadtrip Mostar to Stolac via Radimlja Necropolis

After following the Neretva River to Mostar as part of our BiH road trip and Ten Weeks in Europe 2015, we’re back-tracking to the Buna River junction and turning south toward a town called Stolac that was destroyed by war in the summer of 1993. Mostar.   Mostar Collage. But before we could reach the rebuilt […]

The Surprising Neretva River in Bosnia

Before crossing the border from Croatia into Bosnia on our 10 Weeks in Europe 2015, we stopped for supplies in Metković. We’d driven our rental vehicle south from Split along the Croatian coastline to Ploče where we left the coast and headed toward Metković. It was an surprising landscape of water, land, crops and more […]

Ten Weeks in Europe 2015

Having arrived back in Australia after Ten weeks in Europe with camera cards bulging and a loop of experiences on permanent replay in my head. Countries Visited. a) Italy Rome, Amalfi Coast, Sicily? b) Slovenia the beautiful, Piran and Ljulbjana via Triglav National Park? c) Croatia – Zagreb, the National Park, Seaside Towns and Islands? d) Bosnia & […]