Surrounded by Cows at Ani

We were leaving Ani and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to.   Just one last photo to take – the one of the huge Turkish Flag that flew proudly at the entrance.

Turkish Flag at Ani


Maybe we could hire a tent and camp there?  It didn’t seem like anyone would mind.


Just another Travel Daydream flitting through my mind as we left the ruined Once Armenian City on the lonely banks of the Akhurian River in North East Turkey.

When all of a sudden we were stuck in a traffic cow jam.

It started harmlessly enough.  We stopped as the herd came toward us.

Ani to Kars Cows 6

But then the Donkey made a run for it.

Ani to Kars

Hang on.  Forget the Donkey.  Who’s in charge of the herd?

Ani to Kars Eastern Turkey

The herd decided to embrace us.

Ani to Kars Cows 3

Ani to Kars Cows

Ani to Kars Cows 2

Ani to Kars Cows

I have never been that close to any animal whilst seated in a car.  I had my window down and could easily have touched them.  I was worried they would knock the side mirror off the car!

Tell me about your close animal encounters.

The Ani visit formed part of our 2013 Eastern Turkey Road Trip.

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