Tuesday in Townsville at Riverway

We’ve switched the site of our daily walk from The Strand to Riverway.  We do enjoy this walk and if you are a follower you will have seen other Riverway posts in the past.

The Things I like about the Riverway Walking Track.

  • The river banks are landscaped in a natural way.
  • Incorporated in the gardens are two Public (free) infinity lagoon style swimming pools.
  • Surrounding the swimming Pools are a Coffee Shop, Art Gallery and Performance space.
  • Huge rain trees abound and some are planted beneath with large healthy crows nest ferns.
  • Ski boats are allowed on the River.
  • An enclosed all abilities childrens playground incorporating a timber fort.
  • A separate soft fall childrens climbing/slide combo playground.
  • Free BBQ’s
  • Free Volleyball field.
  • The Riverview Tavern has a huge deck that overlooks the Black Weir and the setting sun.
  • Fishing is allowed in the River.
  • There are plenty of waterbirds, turtles and fish in the river.

We start the circuit at the Weir School and walk anti-clockwise around the track.  The first thing I could not resist photographing was this Grevillea in full flower.  Like our own bottlebrush trees, this Grevillea had hornets hovering around the flowers.  I only remember noticing single hornets in previous years, but this year they appear in groups of three or four.

River Grevillea on the banks of the Ross River Townsville


The white trunked trees lining both sides of the river bank are Melaleuca Leucadrenda or paperbark trees.  As well as Northern Australia, these trees can be found in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.  The name of Kampong Glam, the Malay district in Singapore originates from the Malay word for the tree Gelam.

Waterskiing on Ross River

The afternoon sun found the distinctive lime green drooping leaves of the paperbarks.

Looking through the paperbarks to Vickers Bridge

Having crossed Vickers Bridge we stopped next at the footbridge on the Douglas Side of the river that spans the inlet to a natural lagoon.  A favourite turtle feeding spot, you can turn right over the bridge and walk around the banks of the Lagoon.

Reflection of the foot bridge.


River Reflections
Views from the Riverway Walking Track in Townsville

This area of Douglas is a fairly recent subdivision and the river is lined with impressive homes.  On the right of the grassed volleyball court is a picnic table beneath a rain tree, making this a great spot for a family game and picnic.

River Volleyball

Looking through the reeds toward the wall of the Black Weir, and a common river bird that from the bank appears to walk on water.

Looking through the Reeds

Jesus Bird

Looking down from the Footbridge that connects the School with the Tavern, through the leaves of a paperbark.

River Paperpark over water

Where is your favourite walk located?

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