Dondurma or a Magical Turkish Icecream

If you see a vendor dressed in Turkish Costume in Istiklal Caddesi or other places in Istanbul, beating his stainless steel tubs with a metre long icecream scoop, you have found the Dondurma or Icecream man.

Turkish Icecream has an additional two ingredients – Salep and Mastic.

Salep is flour made from the Early Purple Orchid that thickens the mixture.

Mastic is a resin that imparts chewiness to the mix.

Not surprisingly Dondurma has a sticky chewy consistency that doesn’t melt easily.  The perfect combination to encourage magic tricks.

Just know that buying an icecream from the Dondurma Man is not going to be a straight-forward transaction. 

The icecream arrives in your hand, then it disappears leaving you holding an empty cone or wrapper.  In the next few minutes it will be twisted, turned and twirled in front of both you and the growing crowd.  Just relax and enjoy and when you least expect it, the icecream will be yours to keep.

The crowd laughs, claps and disperses.  You have just had your first starring role in a well-rehearsed piece of Turkish street theatre – time to eat your reward.

The Dondurma Man

Dondurma in Istiklal Street

Have you purchased Icecream from the Dondurma man?

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