Carp Fishing Lake Bled Slovenia

A walk around Lake Bled in north-west Slovenia, offers breathtaking scenery of Mount Triglav and Bled Island with it’s romantic church of the Assumption of Mary. We both like exploring on foot and with a couple of hours up our sleeve, the 6.7km easy track made an offer too good to refuse.

Fishing Lake Bled Slovenia

Here is an unnecessary (I’m sure) reminder of stunning Lake Bled, Slovenia’s go to tourist destination.

Lake Bled Panorama Slovenia

With parking at 2 Euro/hour we were keen to get underway, but within minutes of starting we came across two fishermen on the shore. It looked like one had a fish on, so we settled in to see what eventuated.

Lake Bled and Fishermen

I hadn’t given any thought to the possibility that Lake Bled might contain fish and if I had, whether indeed fishing would be allowed. I knew Lake Bohinj, 30km to the south-west had fish – we’d watched peaceful trout in the shallows.  But Bohinj is large (20 km x 5 km) and surrounded by pristine forests that provide a natural filter to ensure good water quality.  Surely the much smaller Lake Bled (2.120 x 1.380 km) with it’s encroaching hotels, cafes and bars, wouldn’t have good enough water quality to support fish! Well yes actually…

Lake Bled Boat House

It turns out there are 19 species including catfish, pike, trout, perch and the most sought after of all – Carp. Fisherfolk come from all over Europe for the opportunity to land a big fat carp – and they pay a whopping 57 Euro a day for the privilege of trying.

Lake Bled Rods and Ducks

The super hi-tech fishing style on display bore no resemblance to our more casual efforts in tropical North Queensland. Here there was no chucking a lazily baited hook overboard whilst clad in your favourite stained fishing shirt and hat that’s seen better days. No Siree! Fishing gear Lake Bled style includes rods, reels, alarms, bite indicators, unhooking matts, huge landing nets and some stylish outdoor wear.

If carp fishing in a beautiful yet semi urban landscape appeals, there’s no need to stress about bringing all this gear with you because the whole lot can be hired (apart from the outdoor wear). Surely having this sought-after angling opportunity in such a beautiful touristic area is unusual!

The Lake Bled Carp record catch is 30.7 kg.

Fishing tackle.

Lake Bled fishing rods up close

One Carp per day up to 7kg can be kept. This 23 kg specimen was of course released.

Lake Bled Carp

Lake Bled Fishing

It took half an hour to land the fish, by which time quite a crowd had gathered. Fishing with an audience adds another element to the experience. It would be beneficial to be experienced and prepared to field questions from onlookers. You’ll be the centre of attention, especially if you land a big one like these guys did.

Lake Bled Slovenia 23 kg Carp

Have you fished with an audience before?

Things to Know before you go.

The carp fishing season begins on April 1st and ends on December 31st.

Purchase fishing licences at Kompass Bled Tourist Agency Mon-Fri. Multi-day passes are available. Reduced fees for children.

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